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Daniel Amos – Shotgun Angel

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This is the second release from Daniel Amos who were a favorite among Christian Contemporary Country groups. This record featured a song by Bill Sprouse, Jr of The Road Home (whom Ed McTaggart drummed for previously until the untimely death of Bill) called Shotgun Angel, a song about a trucker finding Jesus on his CB radio. The song ended up being the title of the album.

Terry Taylor and Company crafted some enjoyable country songs for this record in the vein of early Eagles or some boom-chicka-boom sounds, like the song Black Gold Fever. I would have loved to have heard Johnny Cash cover that tune. This was side one and it was full of clever and humorous lyrics plus a worship song, these gold nuggets laid in the grooves on this 1977 Maranatha! Music release.

Side two is a different story but it’s a good one. Daniel Amos fans from the first album must have raised a few eyebrows when they flipped Shotgun Angel on the turntable. It was as if The SGT. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band got together at The Hotel California and made a rock opera about Revelations. Starting side two with orchestration and spooky nuances, the music and lyrics brought you face to face with the end of the world. Rockin’ songs like He’s Gonna Do a Number on You and Better, warn you about the Anti-Christ while you crank up your stereo. The story closes with Sail Me Away and Posse in The Sky bringing visions of Christ’s Return just how Hal Lindsay would have loved it back then.

I make it sound like this album is a little disjointed in this review, and the two sides are different but it works as a whole artistic piece. It actually allows you an introduction to the new DA to come (which turns out that was a long time coming).

Shotgun Angel was produced well by Jonathon David Brown, and the Band became a classic among Jesus Freaks. There is not a bad apple on the album and both sides are equally cherished for me. This was a very important album at the time. Christian music was starting to grow and gain popularity and I am sure there was a lot of excitement generated by this brilliant team of musicians and song writers. These legends were really pushing the envelope and would eventually be one of the first Christian groups to venture into new wave in the early eighties.

So get in your 18 wheeler, get on your CB radio and tell everyone out there they will not be disappointed with this treasure… Oh Ya! the album cover is totally cool too! (I hope you can find it, stay away from the 25th Anniversary Re-Issue)

Track List

Side 1

  1. “Days And Nights” (Taylor/Chamberlain)
  2. “Black Gold Fever” (Taylor)
  3. “Praise Song” (Taylor)
  4. “Father’s Arms” (Taylor)
  5. “Meal” (Taylor)
  6. “Shotgun Angel (Bill Sprouse, Jr)

Side 2

  1. “Finale: Bereshith Overture” (Stipech/Taylor/Cook)
  2. “Lady Goodbye” (Taylor/Chamberlain/Cook)
  3. “The Whistler” (Taylor/Chamberlain/Cook)
  4. “He’s Gonna Do A Number On You” (Cook)
  5. “Better” (Taylor/Chamberlain/Cook)
  6. “Sail Me Away” (Taylor/Chamberlain)
  7. “Posse In The Sky” (Taylor)


  • Terry Scott Taylor: rhythm guitars, vocals
  • Jerry Chamberlain: lead guitar, vocals
  • Mark Cook: keyboards, vocals
  • Marty Dieckmeyer: bass, backing vocals
  • Ed McTaggart: drums, backing vocals

Daniel Amos Site

Wikipedia DA Info


Gone But Not Forgotten…

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Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten

So many musicians and friends from the Jesus Movement and the aftermath of that movement are getting up in years. Many have already left this earth and hopefully have entered that ultimate communion with the Lord.

Some were known as fiery “Prophets” like the late Keith Green who one moment would seem like a Paul or Peter and the next would be wrestling with his own shortcomings of being human. Larry Norman was called the Father or Grandfather of a movement that was short lived but impacted the world and Christianity greatly. Larry was as much of an enigma as Bob Dylan and till he died of heart failure on Feb. 24th of this year, Larry still seemed shrouded in mystery. No one can deny the impact he had on a movement that brought us so much in terms of music and ministries into the 21st Century.

Lonnie Frisbee not a musician that I know of but definitely an influence for those that came to Calvary Chapel looking to be disciples, many of course were musicians and Calvary Chapel took them in an Lonnie was one of the leaders to help them. Lonnie’s struggles would also become more evident and there is even a documentary done about Lonnie.

Calvary Chapel was a beehive of new ideas and struggles for a batch of many new converts with long hair and rowdy music. Coming to Jesus was usually a simple prayer followed by Bible studies and worship and baptisms. People that have left us early on like Bill Sprouse from The Road Home were one of the popular country rock bands from Calvary Chapel at the time.

California was a hub for Jesus Freaks spreading to other churches and opening new ones like The Vineyard. Keith Green started to attend here in 1973 with his girlfriend Melody who soon married at The Vineyard Church. Keith started his own Intentional Community and Ministry soon after, called Last Day’s Ministries. In the Early 80’s while taking off in a small plane to look over Last Day’s Property Keith and others including two of his children died when the plane crashed during take off. Keith really made us aware of Missions and making Jesus Lord of our lives and was and still is greatly missed.

Later on others that came along like Mark Heard, Denny Correll and Rich Mullins would leave us. Rich came after the Jesus Movement but many felt he brought the principles of that Jesus Movement back to the Christian Music industry. Many were affected by Rich in deep ways with his worship music and life the same way Keith Green or Larry Norman touched someone.

Mark Heard was a great producer, songwriter, and engineer that would be praised by Bruce Cockburn, Phil Keaggy and many others. Mark’s poetic lyrics and intelligent music sent tremors through the whole church and beyond.

Gene Eugene of Adam Again and other groups like the Lost Dogs died all of a sudden in his sleep at a young age (40), like Mark, Gene was amazing in the studio or on stage. Gene was responsible for Christian Music turning more alternative in the 80’s and 90’s.

Roby Duke, Mister “Blue Eyed Soul.” Roby wrote moving lyrics and music in the R&B and Pop Jazz genre. He left us with some of the most compelling lyrics, many written during his own turmoil’s in life. His last video of him singing “I Shall See God” shot just a few days before his passing, seemed to foreshadow history. Roby left us with the simple but profound words “I’m older so much older but I still believe.”

In the Midwest, Jesus People Milwaukee Separated into different traveling groups, one of these groups ended up being The Highway Missionary Society eventually settling in Oregon. the band Servant came from HMS and had a great guitar player named Bruce Wright who ended up Going to be with Lord in 1993 from cancer. Another guitar player that left us was Jon Linn in 1989? Larry Norman’s lead guitarist. Jon “Wonder fingers” and Bruce sure could play those blues!

Many have left us and are going to in the future. It amazes me how I looked up to all these “heroes” as a kid and realizing the only true hero is Jesus Christ. I learned so much from them and it was usually heart changing. Many of these early Pioneers had earth shattering experiences of Love and Grace and true struggles that many are not aware of. Hopefully through the pages of all their lives and ours, Jesus will somehow be glorified. Even if it means to show us how human we are without Him.   -MP

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