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Resurrection Band – Music To Raise The Dead – Box Set

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Rez Band Box Set

Rez Band Box Set

Grrr Records has finally released the Resurrection Band’s Box Set that many have been waiting for since the band unofficially broke up in 1998, with Cornerstone Festival or other reunions every now and then. This should give a good history of the band finally put down on DVD, Audio and Paper for all the world to soak up. Keep in mind when purchasing this Box Set that its from a small independent label and for the money they had, its an amazing effort.

The box is a cardboard box with individual cardboard sleeves inside. Three of the sleeves are fifty-two audio songs that have been re-mastered. Where you can really hear these new production qualities is on the songs from Awaiting Your Reply and Rainbows End. It must have been a bear to choose what songs they wanted to use from each album with such a large catalog, but I think they were successful. If you are looking for any un-released or old material from before the AYR album you are not going to get much of it here, except for Quite Enough from the Music To Raise The Dead Demo from 1974. I noticed they kept a lot of the more New Wave influenced songs out of the box set, for which I was thankful. So, songs like S.O.S. are not here and there are no songs from the XX years live on the audio CD’s, however many of those are on the DVD.

The DVD was taken from the original Beta Tapes and Digitized so they look amazing for 1992. Sometimes it seems a little dark but usually the film is bright and crisp looking and the band had a really good rockin’ night. They all seem to be enjoying themselves; Glenn and Wendi Kaisers’ vocals are spot on the whole concert. The sound is in stereo and sounds heavy and clear, the same as the 20 years CD. Stu cracks me up with his duck walks and jumps. The light show is good and the crowd is really enthusiastic. One small note, this is a great history perspective, especially with the commentary by the band. This video was not released in 1992 because whomever did the video taping for the gig lost some of the video. So, in some parts, especially the White Noise intro, you can see the solo from Stu does not line up. The editing is done very well and it moves pretty seamlessly, even though you can tell they had to fix some problems along the way. But those problems are minimal and most songs are very complete. They also have the preaching from the concert in a separate section with the MTV vids Love Comes Down and Crimes. Grrr also put the Surprised Video from Lament in here. The Booklet has pictures of Resurrection Band through the years as well as a beautifully written history of the band that touches on everything from the Jesus Movement and how that turned into the CCM it is today plus Cornerstone Festival, Cornerstone Magazine, and Jesus People USA, Rez Band’s Church and Intentional Community. In closing I have to say I am glad that we have such a historical record here of one of the best bands in Christ centered music. A compilation of art, music and writing from a band that did not fear to tread in the open waters where no one had been before (hardly anyway). Before the Stryper’s and the P.O.D.’s there was REZ. And now we have proof…ROCK ON -Marty Phillips

These Songs On the BOX SET are the ONLY Re-Mastered songs. If you buy the complete CD (for example Rainbows End)they are not Remastered.

Song List On BOX SET: CD 1 waves, awaiting your reply, broken promises, irish garden, the return, afrikaans, paint a picture, rainbows end, concert for a queen, every time it rains, colours, amazing, american dream, the struggle, alienated, the chair, first degree apathy, the crossing

CD 2 military man, babylon, area 312, no alibi, white noise, attention, crimes, tears in the rain, love comes down, zuid afrikan, shadows, nervous world, silence screams, light/light, rain dance, rooster crow, altar of pain, right on time

CD 3 the house is on fire, where roses grow, lovespeak, players, lincoln’s train, land of stolen breath, somebody to love, reach of love, summerthrow, song and dance, surprised, across these fields, souls for hire, gameroom, can’t stop lovin you (from bootleg live), quite enough (from MTRTD)

DVD military man afrikaans, attention, colours, players, the struggle, white noise, alienated, paint a picture, love comes down, lovespeak, in your arms, shadows, where roses grow, light/light, i will do my last singin’ plus commentary and concept videos, Glenn and Wendi Talks from Live Concert. Booklet pics and history of rez Here is a song from the DVD:

$39.95 plus Shipping Order at GRRR RECORDS: Grrr Records Store

Download (.RAR File) “1974 Music to Raise The Dead” Cassette Demo Here