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Daniel Amos – Shotgun Angel

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This is the second release from Daniel Amos who were a favorite among Christian Contemporary Country groups. This record featured a song by Bill Sprouse, Jr of The Road Home (whom Ed McTaggart drummed for previously until the untimely death of Bill) called Shotgun Angel, a song about a trucker finding Jesus on his CB radio. The song ended up being the title of the album.

Terry Taylor and Company crafted some enjoyable country songs for this record in the vein of early Eagles or some boom-chicka-boom sounds, like the song Black Gold Fever. I would have loved to have heard Johnny Cash cover that tune. This was side one and it was full of clever and humorous lyrics plus a worship song, these gold nuggets laid in the grooves on this 1977 Maranatha! Music release.

Side two is a different story but it’s a good one. Daniel Amos fans from the first album must have raised a few eyebrows when they flipped Shotgun Angel on the turntable. It was as if The SGT. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band got together at The Hotel California and made a rock opera about Revelations. Starting side two with orchestration and spooky nuances, the music and lyrics brought you face to face with the end of the world. Rockin’ songs like He’s Gonna Do a Number on You and Better, warn you about the Anti-Christ while you crank up your stereo. The story closes with Sail Me Away and Posse in The Sky bringing visions of Christ’s Return just how Hal Lindsay would have loved it back then.

I make it sound like this album is a little disjointed in this review, and the two sides are different but it works as a whole artistic piece. It actually allows you an introduction to the new DA to come (which turns out that was a long time coming).

Shotgun Angel was produced well by Jonathon David Brown, and the Band became a classic among Jesus Freaks. There is not a bad apple on the album and both sides are equally cherished for me. This was a very important album at the time. Christian music was starting to grow and gain popularity and I am sure there was a lot of excitement generated by this brilliant team of musicians and song writers. These legends were really pushing the envelope and would eventually be one of the first Christian groups to venture into new wave in the early eighties.

So get in your 18 wheeler, get on your CB radio and tell everyone out there they will not be disappointed with this treasure… Oh Ya! the album cover is totally cool too! (I hope you can find it, stay away from the 25th Anniversary Re-Issue)

Track List

Side 1

  1. “Days And Nights” (Taylor/Chamberlain)
  2. “Black Gold Fever” (Taylor)
  3. “Praise Song” (Taylor)
  4. “Father’s Arms” (Taylor)
  5. “Meal” (Taylor)
  6. “Shotgun Angel (Bill Sprouse, Jr)

Side 2

  1. “Finale: Bereshith Overture” (Stipech/Taylor/Cook)
  2. “Lady Goodbye” (Taylor/Chamberlain/Cook)
  3. “The Whistler” (Taylor/Chamberlain/Cook)
  4. “He’s Gonna Do A Number On You” (Cook)
  5. “Better” (Taylor/Chamberlain/Cook)
  6. “Sail Me Away” (Taylor/Chamberlain)
  7. “Posse In The Sky” (Taylor)


  • Terry Scott Taylor: rhythm guitars, vocals
  • Jerry Chamberlain: lead guitar, vocals
  • Mark Cook: keyboards, vocals
  • Marty Dieckmeyer: bass, backing vocals
  • Ed McTaggart: drums, backing vocals

Daniel Amos Site

Wikipedia DA Info


The Talbot Brothers – (Reborn)

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Terry Talbot and Brother John Michael Talbot formed a 60’s band named Mason Proffit who would influence a number of Country Rock bands like the Eagles. Mason Proffit had a number of spiritually based songs but when the band broke up in 1974, The Talbot Brothers continued on Warner Brothers Label with overtly Christian Lyrics.

The Jesus Movement always had an influx of country rock and folk bands but none had the experience or professionalism at that point in Jesus People history then The Talbot Brothers.

The record starts out with a great little tune called Easy To Slip that will get your toes a tapping with some frenzied banjo playing by John Michael, what a fun opening and a continued favorite today! Comin’ Home to Jesus is the next song that is a handclappin’ salvation song that makes you feel like your in a radical church in the ozarks somewhere. The mellower tunes are full of harmony and soul searching. The track Over Jordan sounds like it could have been an Eagles hit back in the day. Moline Truckin’ a fun trucker song that gets a faster temper as it goes, is probably the lyrical oddball in the bunch and was left off the 1976 re-release from Sparrow Records who renamed the album Reborn. Carnival Balloon sounds like it’s straight from some honky tonk and the musicianship is really top-notch. Actually the whole album has popular studio musicians and John and Terry are no slouches playing banjo, harmonica, and guitars. I have listened to this album lately and the crafting of these songs are not only fun and meaningful but rank up there with some of the best country rock groups ever. Good luck finding this rare gem in its original form.   -MP

You can download Reborn Here because I can not find these MP3’s anywhere to buy.

1 Easy To Slip (3:19)
2 Comin’ Home To Jesus (2:42)
3 In My Dreams (3:09)
4 And The Time (2:44)
5 Trail Of Tears (3:47)
6 Over Jordan (4:32)
7 Moline Truckin’ (2:12)
8 Come And Gone (2:54)
9 Over Again (2:56)
10 Carnival Balloon (3:25)
11 Hear You Callin’ (2:06)

John Michael Talbot

Terry Talbot and Mason Proffit