Michael Omartian – White Horse

If I had time to write down every record or song or artist that Michael Omartian has produced, played an instrument with or just plain worked with in the music industry, I may be here for weeks. So here is a link to show you how multi-talented this guy is: Short List

Micheal Omartian was the musician, producer and arranger of much of the Jesus Music. He was just as respected in the Secular Mainstream as he was in the Jesus Movement. He helped countless numbers of Christian Musicians on there quest for better produced and arranged music. Michael would have popular Jazz-Fusion studio musicians play on his Christian themed songs. Like Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Lee Ritenour, Ernie Watts, and Abraham Laboriel are just a few Omartian would have grace his albums.

White Horse was on ABC/Dunhill and was released in 1974. Jesus Freaks were excited to finally here some well produced synth oriented Jazz-pop and fusion. The arranging and instrumentation were like none before in Christian Music and Michael’s voice was similar to Peter Gabriel. His keyboard playing was already highly sought after in the secular mainstream and this album shows why, with songs like Jeremiah, Take me down, and Silver Fish. There are horns on this album but they are never overdone and allow the music to breath with all the instruments. Larry Carlton and Dean Parks play some mean leads and you can hear Michaels wife Stormie singing good background vocals and she wrote the lyrics. David Kemper and Ed Greene play some great drums, even Micheal who is not a bad drummer himself plays percussion.

The lyrics tell stories from the Bible and about the struggles of life and the priorities of life when one Journeys with God. Michaels music was an inspiration for engineers, musicians and producers who were smack dab in the Jesus Movement with little to work with financially to make the record grooves sparkle. Michael showed us the way, musically and spiritually. -MP

Michael Omartian – White Horse
1974 ABC Dunhill

1. Jeremiah
2. Fat City
3. The Orphan
4. Silver Fish
5. Add Up the Wonders
6. Take Me Down
7. Right From the Start
8. The Rest Is Up To You
9. White Horse

Michael Omartian – Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Steel Drums, Tom-Toms
Larry Carlton – Guitars, Bass
Dean Parks – Guitars, Flute
David Kemper – Drums
David Hungate – Bass
Paul Hubinon – Trumpet, Horns, French Horn
Wilton Felder – Bass
Ed Greene – Drums
King Errison – Congas
Jess Ehrlich – Cello
Don Menza – Tenor Sax
Jackie Kelso – Tenor Sax

Michael at Wikipedia

You can get it here because I can not find it anywhere to buy.


9 Responses to “Michael Omartian – White Horse”

  1. WOW!! It has so long since we used to “blast” this album in old Calvary Chapel’s radio studio/sound room upstairs to see if it could be heard downstairs during ….. (it was totally sound proof). We loved this album! I had forgotten what any of the songs sounded like; our album was long lost yrs ago, but here you have it; this is so super cool. Will play em on our FM station soon. Rick- Soundman Calvary 1974-79

  2. james Sutherland Says:

    love to by the cd of white horse


    • Daniel Brown Says:

      Iwould love to have this record. I had it when it first came out . I lent it to somebody, they moved and i never saw it again. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. Michael O is so amazing. I saw him this year at the GMA’s. Please let me know if you want to part with it and i would gladly pay for it. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

      Sincerely, Daniel Brown

  4. Jeff Givens Says:

    Thanks, Great music thats very hard to find. I only wish it could get air time now days….

  5. I LOVE the song Jeremiah and several of the others I’ve heard on this album. I too have been looking for it so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. And I thank Jesus for leading me to your site! I’m so happy!

  6. At a time when there were not many talented artists in “Jesus rock”, Michael OMartian shown brightly and still does. The grooves are worn out on my copy of this amazing record.

  7. Thank you so much for this. I heard this album when it first was released and it is awesome.
    To finally be able to hear it again is a real treat

    Blessings to you

  8. This is so awesome! I used to listen to this soooo much as a kid. Lost the album many, many years ago. Sounds great.

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