The Talbot Brothers – (Reborn)

Terry Talbot and Brother John Michael Talbot formed a 60’s band named Mason Proffit who would influence a number of Country Rock bands like the Eagles. Mason Proffit had a number of spiritually based songs but when the band broke up in 1974, The Talbot Brothers continued on Warner Brothers Label with overtly Christian Lyrics.

The Jesus Movement always had an influx of country rock and folk bands but none had the experience or professionalism at that point in Jesus People history then The Talbot Brothers.

The record starts out with a great little tune called Easy To Slip that will get your toes a tapping with some frenzied banjo playing by John Michael, what a fun opening and a continued favorite today! Comin’ Home to Jesus is the next song that is a handclappin’ salvation song that makes you feel like your in a radical church in the ozarks somewhere. The mellower tunes are full of harmony and soul searching. The track Over Jordan sounds like it could have been an Eagles hit back in the day. Moline Truckin’ a fun trucker song that gets a faster temper as it goes, is probably the lyrical oddball in the bunch and was left off the 1976 re-release from Sparrow Records who renamed the album Reborn. Carnival Balloon sounds like it’s straight from some honky tonk and the musicianship is really top-notch. Actually the whole album has popular studio musicians and John and Terry are no slouches playing banjo, harmonica, and guitars. I have listened to this album lately and the crafting of these songs are not only fun and meaningful but rank up there with some of the best country rock groups ever. Good luck finding this rare gem in its original form.   -MP

You can download Reborn Here because I can not find these MP3’s anywhere to buy.

1 Easy To Slip (3:19)
2 Comin’ Home To Jesus (2:42)
3 In My Dreams (3:09)
4 And The Time (2:44)
5 Trail Of Tears (3:47)
6 Over Jordan (4:32)
7 Moline Truckin’ (2:12)
8 Come And Gone (2:54)
9 Over Again (2:56)
10 Carnival Balloon (3:25)
11 Hear You Callin’ (2:06)

John Michael Talbot

Terry Talbot and Mason Proffit

15 Responses to “The Talbot Brothers – (Reborn)”

  1. Jim Roberts Says:

    Great review. I’ve been wanting to hear this for a long time. I’d buy it if I could find it on a digital medium – my record player is long gone. You can find 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 11 on “The Talbot Brothers Collection”, but the rest, I have not been able to find. I’m slowly downloading the file now and look forward to hearing it.

  2. groovylynn Says:

    Thank you so very much for this gift. when I first came out of the Grateful Dead scene God had lead me to a used record shop in Ocean Beach ca. I literally was on the floor all day just checking out 100’s of old records and listing to music when I came across this album. I had never heard it before and obviously I had no know idea the healing that the music would bring to my soul. God was before me and is still lovingly wrapping His arms around my weary life to let me knows He is with me. The day I found this album was almost 20 years ago. I have searched for away to hear the “missing gap” songs again. I prayed very recently in my heart for a way to locate them and look here they are… The healing flow of the songs from that time period all have a very special qualitative anointing that truly came down from heaven, and it is something that is rare to find in the more contemporary music we are now blessed with. Masons Profit was another blessing that back in the day also touched my life towards positive change …
    worshipfully grateful :o)

  3. Doug Chisholm Says:

    I wore out this album so long ago and have been searching hopefully for a long time to replace it. It was one of my cornerstones in the 70’s and such a pleasure to hear again.

  4. I bought this vinyl from a Christian book store in my hometown probably in 1978. I played it over & over & loaned it to someone who didn’t return it. The cover of Lowell George’s Easy To Slip is great — when I finally heard Little Feat do it, was a let down! Over Jordan is an awesome song — as an 18 year old, it connected me to the transcendent nature of gospel music.

  5. Thank you so much for this! For twenty years I’ve wanted to hear this album again. The songs take me back in such an immediate way to my time spent in the car on the way to and back from volunteering at a Christian book store the next county over in rural north central Indiana. Would that I had the same freshness and verve that I did back then. Jesus was Lord, Aslan was King, and that was all there was to it. Now, after a lifetime of defeats and victories, I’m stripped back down the bare minimum, where Jesus is Lord, and Aslan is King. This music once again has become reflective of my life.

  6. Thanks for this! I have been looking for this music for a long while…I am also a child of the Grateful Dead scene and have been looking for a way to join these two worlds of mine – this is it!
    Has anyone been able to find a recording from the Talbot Brothers called “Spiritwind”? It was a combination of music and spoken word, recorded in late 70`s or early 80`s. I have been looking for it without success for some time now. I would appreciate any leads, thanks!

    • I think what you are looking for is Firewind. I used to have it on vinyl, but my turntable days are long gone. I heard Firewind not long ago on a Podcast hosted by my former pastor, Jerry Bryant, who did a radio show in the 70s called Jesus Solid Rock and now is doing a show called Full Circle Jesus Music. Episode 117 of Full Circle has, I think, the entire recording of Firewind.

  7. I have two copies of the vinyl “Talbot Brothers” album and I think two of the Mason-Proffit albums. All great listening and great memories.
    I think I found a Talbot Brothers CD too.

  8. A good turntable is still a beautiful thing!

  9. Hey, this is such a wonderful find, I have been looking for years to replace my lost vinal of this album, Its such a great record, and to be abke to get it complete with Moline Truckin is a Godsend. Ive even asked Terry about it with no results, anyway I just want to thank you for this wonderful gift. I used to see Mason Proffit a lot when I lived in the Chicago area. Saw the brothers as solo acts many times as well. I dont know why It never dawned on me to simply type Talbot Brothers Reborn, guess it was Gods idea to do it, again Many thanks my friend, Ive made 5 copies for backup.

  10. John O. Tabor Says:

    Thanks for the download. I 1st heard the album in ’75 and recommitted to Jesus in ’77 then bought it on 8 track, without “Molene Trukin'”, somehow manage to get the album on homemade cassete w/Molene and have been looking for it on CD or MP3 format to no avail till now. I did buy the Talbot Brothers Collection, but was still missing all those great songs like “Comin’ Home to Jesus” being the main one. I saw Terry at Jack Hayfords’ Four Square Church in ’86 when I was in California and have one Mason Proffit album, great music, probably some of the best, thanks again and Praise the Lord Jesus for it.

  11. Kevyn Jones Says:

    I was fortunate to be given a copy of this album by the Kinney (Warner Bros) rep as I was involved in a small commercial radio station in the Isle of Man back in 1974/5. I have to say that the music then was uplifting to say the least, but as I was an impetuous musician and not terribly mature, the words and message was probably in the main, lost on me. Over the years I tried to ‘educate’ my musician friends to the beauty of this album, but it was a rare thing to find. In the late 70s I must have transferred it on to cassette tape about 50 times and thanks to current technology I can listen to it on long car journeys. Being much older and a little wiser these days, the tenderness and message is not wasted on me. This is in my top ten albums of all time. God Bless you both!

  12. Gary Byrum Says:

    I believe the album you are looking for is ‘Firewind’. Recorded in 1976 on Sparrow label and includes Barry McGuire and the 2nd Chapter of Acts.

  13. Rich Lynd Says:

    This takes me back to where it all began for me in So. Calif. in a huge circus tent full of love thanks to a man who didn’t care what we looked like
    (or smelled like) but shared God’s Word to a lost generation, and we all responded! And even the music changed! Satan took us for a ride for awhile, then God let His Holy Spirit enter the music scene just at the right time in our history when things seemed so hopeless. Now it seeems that Satan is started to re-enter the scene once again, let’s pray that once again God will again introduce and bless us with annointed musicians like the talbot brothers and others during the 60’s & 70’s once again. I have 2 albums”No Longer Alone” – Terry Talbot & “Reborn” – The Talbot Brothers Rich Lynd

  14. Abdul Hamid Says:

    Where can I buy CD’s by the TALBOT BROTHERS?

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