DeGarmo & Key – Straight On

The DeGarmo & Key’s sophomore effort contains some of the best tunes in all of Christian Music. The production by Joe Hardy and D&K put a new standard on Christian Rock. The separation and the play of stereo combined with crisp and clear tones and defined bass sounds made Straight On a masterpiece. The industry was really starting to change at this point and DeGarmo & Key were helping make that happen. A band that finally had the progressive rock overtones of great musicianship with pop-rock sensibilities and respected production. If you are familiar with The DeGarmo & Key of the CCM future, this is a different animal …It Rocked!

Dana Key’s voice is a combination of Michael McDonald and Mylon Lefevre and his guitar work is bluesy and tasteful, While Eddie Degarmo keeps us entertained with sweeping keyboard, synth and organ sounds, and actually sings on a song.

The songs usually dealt with scripture and evangelism in the same way Petra or Sweet Comfort Band may have written them. Jericho, Long Distance Runner and Mary all have biblical principles that make you feel like you just had a small bible study on some random biblical passages.

This album still sounds fresh today which is difficult to say about a lot of Christian Music of the seventies. Great production, tasty songs and respected musicianship always put this album in a league of its own, far above any other Degarmo & Key effort of the future… The only complaint I have is it’s to short at just over 34 minutes. Now if it were only re-released on CD (again) or MP3!!


  • 1. Jericho
  • 2. Livin’ On The Edge Of Dyin’
  • 3. Go Tell Them
  • 4. Bad Livin’
  • 5. Enchiridion
  • 6. Long Distance Runner
  • 7. Let Him Help You Today
  • 8. I Never Knew You
  • 9. Mary
  • Straight On at Amazon

    Love of Christ Church- Dana Key Pastor

    D&K at Myspace


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