Petra – Come and Join Us

A year before Resurrection Band’s land mark hard rock album was Petra’s Come and Join Us (1977). This album was also an important album for head bangers everywhere. It is one of the first to really hit a little harder than the slew of Christian Folk and Country Rock bands. I am not saying the harder bands were not out there. Many had not really been recorded yet (Rez Band), and some just were not up to par in the production or music departments (JC Power Outlet).

Petra’s second album was a bit edgier than the first. Partly because of the help of Greg X Volz on vocals brought over from the “e” Band. Greg was not a permanite member yet and did not sing on all the songs. I really wish he had but Bob Hartman’s vocals were improving and Greg Hough’s were pretty good. The Song “God Gave Rock and Roll To You” from the band Argent was the opening track and my favorite version by any group. I heard this was suppose to be the title of the album but deemed to controversial by the record company. Both this song and “Women Don’t You Know” are made for Greg’s Vocals and are my favorite songs on the album. The song “Come and Join Us” had a multi vocal chorus with the help of people like Steve Camp that made you want to sing along and invite others. The Song “Sally” seemed a little odd to me lyrically at the time and I wondered how it got past the record company then, now it just makes me chuckle. There is also a funky tune on here and a mellow evangelistic number called “Ask Him In” that closed the album (if you don’t count the Reprise) but when re-released on CD was the second song which ruined the album flow for me. The song “Killing My Old Man” was made for this album but ended up on The “Never Say Die” Record years later, another record company controversy.

(Petra circa 1977)
Greg would be a full time vocalist on the next record but Petra mellowed out for that LP, not that it was a bad record. Come And Join Us will always be in Jesus Rock History as one of the first to push the envelope for the edgier, harder hitting music. Petra was Paving the way with bands like Agape, JC Power Outlet and All Saved Freak Band. The next year Resurrection Band would blow the doors down with “Awaiting Your Reply”.

I wonder if “Come and Join Us” could have been that album with Greg as a full time singer and a different record company… but we will never know. I also would like to know why there are no songs from this pivotal record on Petra’s “The Definitive Collection CD”??           -MP

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