The Exkursions

The Exkursions and Mike Johnson

The Exkursions and Mike Johnson

Another trio with a blues rock influence in the vein of Cream or Hendrix. The lead singer and guitar player Mike Johnson has a stellar performance on this album and he continued to perform solo after The Exkursions broke up. Mike had a more jazz influenced sound.

This album is surprisingly crisp for 1970 and has a great drum sound and groovy stereo effects. It still sounds raw, like someone jamming out in your living room but the production quality is not muddy or muffled like so many other recordings of that period. I have read Mike did some recording and touring with The Mike Bloomfield Band in the 60’s and I am sure that experience was helpful to him on the production end of things.

This is the bands only album and it’s a treasure of fuzz guitar and blues licks with those “growly hippy” vocals that are just to cool! Sometimes it feels more like story telling than singing but it is done in a way that is never annoying. The drums and bass are very interesting and always keep the listener shufflin’ their feet or cruising down the highway.

Songs range from the emptiness and addiction of the drug culture to the psycho babble song Third Eye, which is an amazing blues jam tune. The Last song is a very evangelistic salvation tune with more jazzy influences. This whole album is a real gem that can not be overlooked in the historical canvas of Jesus Music. I think this is on CD and still available in some places. -MP

Mike Johnson:

CD available Here:


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