Glass Harp – It Makes Me Glad

Glass Harp - It Makes Me Glad

Glass Harp on Decca Records found themselves in the Jesus Movement fringes after their virtuoso guitar player Phil Keaggy became a Christian. Giving His Life to Jesus after the traumatic death of his mother. Songs about Jesus became more evident with each release until Phil left the band to pursue more acoustic folk, worship music and eventually all kinds of styles in the CCM market.

It Makes Me Glad is the third release from Glass Harp released in 1972 and starts out very mellow and spacey with the song “See Saw” reminding me of a mellow Beatles tune or The Moody Blues. There are a few acoustic driven pieces on this album like “Colt” and “Song In The Air” but that does not keep the album from becoming a progressive masterpiece on many songs. I am reminded of Cream, Jimmy Hendrix and some other more progressive rock groups on songs like, “Sailing On A River” and Masterfully done Jam “David and Goliath, I’m Going Home and Do Lord” which is worth the price of the album alone with it’s tasty drop your jaw guitar licks, flawless and entertaining percussion and very moving bass lines. This was music with a message I was always proud to play for my musician friends. The record closes with “Lets Live Together” a Hand Clappin’ sing along that will have you playing air guitar by the end.

This was Re-released on CD and can be bought through Phil Keaggy’s website or Glass Harp’s Site!

Phil mellowed for a little while after this but Phil eventually got the electric guitar back in his hands for a few CD’s. He also had many reunions with Glass Harp and has done a few other CD’s with them Including a Double Live CD and Stark Raving Jams CD.                            -MP

Glass Harp:

Phil Keaggy:


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